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March 2022 and What's Going On

Everything that I have tapped into be it, research, intuitives, or projected information regarding 2022 has been about extreme polarities. I believe we are seeing this currently. Only this is also representative of what is transforming within ourselves.

In my book “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek, this time was predicted by the Hindus and Tibetans as the Yugas (meaning Ages). It states “We are out of the kali yuga by about 900 years, and right now is the time when amazing things are predicted to happen. The world is now rediscovering for itself that these are periods of enormous changes on Earth”. What I love about this information is that the copyright of this book was 1998. I took the Flower of Life workshop in 2010 and purchased these books around 2007. It is now that this information is truly revealing itself physically.

In Quantum Physics, it has been proven that things can exist in both the same time and space. Newtonian physics suggests otherwise. So, when we see the breaking up of the “Old Guard”, old systems such as government, education, healthcare, etc. at times it may be a little daunting and even scary. We haven’t experienced this type of dissolution in a very long time. Although I watched a video recently that talked about how civilizations have ceased to exist many times. It's at the precipice of change that we see amazing things happen. People will start to acknowledge change and help to create new ways; we will collectively start finding a community of people with like mindedness to congregate with. A new way will evolve and it's starting to show up.

This is just a reminder that when things seem overwhelming and scary, remember that there is another version of you that is way bigger, more evolved and all knowing that has a different perspective. It's important to remember that everything we see and know in this current moment, is not everything that exists. We know this because every time we start class and you close your eyes and tune into the energy between your hands, you are tuning into a greater existence of yourself that you cannot see with your limited vision. It is also important to remember that when something looks like it is breaking apart, there is a higher frequency of information that is recognizing the creation of something else. That if something looks like its not good for you i.e. 5G, there is something else that is creating the same type of symptoms that is about you growing and evolving i.e. 5D. That 5G symptoms look exactly like 5D ascension symptoms. Only the way you look at it, i.e. through your 3D lens, or your 5D lens, is either positive or negative. Again polarity.

It is very evident that the energy that was created two years ago is the same energy that is being carried in the media regarding Ukraine. I am not going to go into detail about what information is being talked about regarding this event. What I would like to direct your attention to is the energy that is surrounding this. All eyes were focused on this one thing “pandemic” in March 2020. The same kind of singular focus is being used right now in 2022 by the propaganda machine. It's important to notice this, be reflective of your thoughts and emotions. Where you are putting your focused attention and what is it bringing up for you. If you are watching the media and emotion is coming up and you are attached, recognize this and allow the feelings to be acknowledged without the story. Most important. I have talked for years about how you could go to a coffee shop with a friend who is having a hard time and you leave feeling crappy and your friend feels like a new person. There are energy vampires out there and unless you are protecting your energy field, people can use and abuse the energy you are giving off. Especially now when things are at a crucial point in history. Protection with “Managala Charan Mantra” everyday will help keep your energy and emotions to yourself. This way you are working on you and Self at all times.

Which leads me to a final comment. As a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, it is my honour to “Poke, Provoke and Elevate”. It has taken me many years to get to a place where I am no longer emotionally involved in what others think or feel about me. I have a duty and obligation to trigger you and it comes with Divine blessings and gratitude. I know that on many occasions I have triggered all of you at least once or twice. Consider that a Divine Blessing. Only you can separate the trigger from the person and work yourself through the actual emotion. I will also tell you that this is one of the biggest lessons of your life currently. So consider this your homework for everyday.

My soul has been entering quite profoundly since December of 2021. It seems to make itself known and it's very aware right now that it is writing this and not the little finite me. The beginning of 2022 when I was down and out for 3 whole days, I awoke to this presence that I was different. I couldn’t really put any words to it till recently. I needed some time to walk amongst the differences and similarities. What I know to be absolutely different is that I don’t seem to have the capacity to hate anything anymore. I used to be able to feel this within me, only it's like this part of me has completely dissolved and I have only compassion and a deep sense of Love. It's quite an amazing feeling within. I am very solid in this part of my Ego (I like calling it my Mr. Smith). And if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the Matrix movies, please please please, I beg you to sit down and actually watch them. If you don’t have them, I actually have all of them on disk. I am so willing to lend them out for you to watch.

The other thing I am aware of is that I cannot see what’s happening in the world right now as a bad thing. I know and have studied this time for many years. I have also prepared myself deeply for it. I see the exposure of the darkness (shadow) a much necessary part of our ascension process. For if the darkness continues, we will never be able to expand in the light. I feel like I am always standing above what’s happening and looking down on it with a new set of eyes. This definitely gives me the ability to hold space for all things and be ok in all of it. To me this is a new set of strengths that I am working with. Which leads me to the gratitude of the Kundalini Practice. It has taught me so much about myself. I am actually riding the waves now rather than being in them.

February seemed to be 2 days long. I laugh at this. So important to also have a sense of humour. Someone said in a post that January was over, February is 2 days long then it’s March and the end of 2022. Lol. I found this so funny because it also seems like time is speeding up. If that’s even possible. However, if you are in the present moment and in nature, time actually seems to slow and even stop. Funny that we have control over this. I do wonder what other gifts will reveal themselves this year. I have been following someone who has been showing people how to step into their Telekinesis abilities. That’s the ability to move objects with their mind. If I get to that place I will video it for the world to see. Lol.

So a few cancellations for March.

Sunday March 6th is cancelled.

Monday March 14th is cancelled for the start of the March Break week.

Wednesday March 23rd 6:30pm class is cancelled for Jerome’s birthday dinner.

I am still offering in person classes on Thursday’s @ 6:30pm. Space is limited for 3-4 people so please let me know by text prior to Thursday if you are interested in congregating and moving energy in a group. Class is still online as well.

I am looking into more options of having in person classes. I would very much like to hold a Saturday morning class again. Please let me know if you are interested in this. It was my favourite class due to the nature of the work we did and the group that congregated. I have a few things up my sleeve and hope to iron out this within the next month.

Much love to everyone as we continue to navigate 2022. It's very important to continue your work on yourself. We are losing the slave self. All things you have come to know about yourself are dropping. Be open to a new version of You!

Much love,



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