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April 2018 Schedule and Reflection

Sat Nam Yogis,

I trust this email finds you enjoying some rejuvenation time on Good Friday. I am however wear all hats most days so trying to get a few work things completed before I enjoy the rest of this sun filled Good Friday.

I don’t have much to reflect on today only to say that the work we have been doing in Kundalini Yoga since mid December has been that of deep reflection and inner connection. As I had breakfast out with Ethan and Jonah this morning I was noticing that the inner work we are doing is so important to the journey of finding our balance and center. If we are not inwardly peaceful then the body and that of what we are experiencing in our daily lives will not be peaceful. That peace is an inside job. One that is the outward driver to seeing life and experiencing it in a different way.

I am so incredibly humbled by the participation that has been happening in classes these days. New students have graced their presence to the studio and some students have been with me since the beginning of my own personal Journey into Kundalini Yoga. For all of you at this time I honour all of your dedication and hard work to find that which you are looking for. I know you experience it in classes as a collective and also individually. That is when I know that we are working to discover our own peaceful state.

The one thing I am also acutely aware of is the dedication and commitment to Self. I knew it and had an inclination with the work I have done over the last 5 years, only it has really been solidifying in my experience as of late. I finally have taken on my 1000 day meditation and I have no idea how many days I am into it.... well over 120 at this point.

Only what I am learning is that it takes a dedicated commitment to the Self to realize our deepest truths. And when we allow ourselves to visit there regularly we stay on course. Whatever the course may look like. If we intermittently visit through our practice, its harder to stay in that space of centeredness. We begin to question and wander because as much as the mind is powerful and helpful it is also able to control if we don’t self commit and remind the mind that is needs to be in service of our greatest gift, the heart. And we don’t have to do it eagerly or enthusiastically. At times its a struggle and a sheer fight for me to find time to center myself. Only I have come to realize that when I do, I will always see the magic of the day rather than the struggle and the cloud cover. And if that cloud cover does reveal itself in my day at some point, that I also know it won’t be around long.

April is a month with a consistent schedule. There are no classes today as noted on the March schedule. If you intend on coming tomorrow for the Emotional Balance class, please let me know. If you have told me you planned to attend and now cannot, please also let me know so I can let others take your spot. This is a truly transformational class and much is being learned and absorbed.

There are no classes Sunday April 1st for Easter. Class on Monday will be held at 10:00 am and no class will be held for Monday night. I have no night off for all of April so I intend to take this Monday evening for family.

April Schedule

Wednesday night classes have been moved to 7:00pm to allow for more of an evening. I wanted to shift the class to an earlier time and still have variation from the 6:30 pm classes. This takes place effective Wednesday April 4th.

I trust everyone has a beautiful Easter Weekend and I hope to see you all at some point.

Much love and Blessings,

Basantprem (Angela)

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