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energy medicine

Energy – also known as Chi, Ki, Qi, Prana, Force – is all around us. All living entities – birds, flowers, trees and even us – are manifestations of energy.  We are living in a world of energy and we can tap on the various energy healing modalities to heal ourselves and others.

In the field of science, it has been proven that all materials in the physical world are, at the most fundamental level, manifestations of energy in various forms. Everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Solid objects are made up of vibrational energy fields at the quantum level.

How Does Energy Healing Work

Have you ever felt stuck in your life or had the feeling that you are at a stand still and struggle to move forward. In a not so great relationship or career is getting you down?  Do you feel emotionally stuck in negativity. That the world doesn't seem cheery and bright, but in fact dull and blah.  Were you betrayed in your past and afraid to enter into a new relationship for fear of attracting the same kind of person? This is what we would call "stuck in negativity". This is usually due to the mind and its interplay between the conscious and subconscious.  If all is "mind" and what we are creating comes directly from the mind, then past experiences in the subconscious mind are directly affecting your current state of being. This is when our subconscious is playing out old patterns in our life and we aren't aware of it.  

Alot of the problems in life and hardships we face are rooted in beliefs. Beliefs are like prearranged filters to how we perceive the world and they actually signal to our brain and nervous system how to react to certain things around us.  For example the first time you got your drivers license and you got into an accident. You would be afraid to get into the car again. So your belief would be "when I get into the car I will have an accident". Only someone who didn't have that experience wouldn't have that belief. The problem is, that this belief works on such a subconscious level that your body is reacting without you realizing. And what these beliefs do is limit our experiences in life.  What they do on the energetic plane is, when we accept a belief we are aligning with a particular pattern of energy, it becomes a blueprint that we automatically create our reality with.


So now imagine yourself as a spirit or soul in a body with a field of energy around you, like a glowing sphere of bright light. Once you take on a belief, it goes from being unlimited to being narrowed in certain places. It gets pulled in certain places and you might put up a block and what happens is negative beliefs limit our energy in specific patterns. And in this way beliefs often work against us in life in terms of what we are able to manifest and attract in life.

By clearing the energy field through a healing session we begin to change how our bodies hold onto issues and problems. In a private session we are learning to clear our energy daily which in turn changes our health and wellness in a way that heals the whole self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies). 

My Journey

I am a Holistic Healer and have been working for over 13 years on a variety of different issues from kidney stones to physical or mental blockages to releasing pain stuck in a variety of areas in the body.  Its hard really to say what people come in to work on because everyone is different and so are their life challenges. I am passionate about everyone who comes to experience a session with me and love helping people create the space within themselves to see their own personal experience differently so that they can change it.  Ultimately healing is done within.  And the whole self can change the way it looks when all aspects of us see it the same. A little perspective of my journey can shed some light to how I got here; my life as a Healer..... 

I started as a BodyTalker who loved the protocol charts which dealt with the physical body which held specific issues with certain areas of the body.  I loved the way the Body would talk about what was going on in the energetic field.  I started with clients using Applied Kinesiology which is a technique that most alternative practitioners use. Its another technique that is based in science. Every cell in the body contains in it all the wisdom of the souls purpose in the physical body.  For instance, if I tested for the name "Nancy", my body would be weak because in this lifetime and body, I am known as "Angela".  That's as simple as it is.  The mind usually likes to get in the way and so applied kinesiology is a technique that allows you to bypass the mind and listen to innate wisdom.  


However, over time and a variety of different energy therapies that I took courses in, I began to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body.  That usually means I connect deeply with the heart and the information that the soul knows beyond the physical experience.   

I started my own natural healing practice called For Wellness in May 2008 to assist people who were ready to look at "dis-ease" as the opportunity to go deeper within themselves.  I started my journey in BodyTalk becoming a certified practitioner in July 2008 through the International BodyTalk Association.  From there it led me to many courses of energy healing modalities including Flower of Life, Matrix Energetics, Psych-K, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and Oneness Blessing Giver.  I felt the need to never "box" myself in and continue to expand my knowledge base with a variety of modalities to help people find peace and balance in their life. 


Healing sessions are personal and extremely powerful.  They allow us to connect to our infinite self and view life from a different perspective. At times a shift can happen immediately, within weeks or months depending on how deeply a specific belief system is ingrained within. From my clients perspective, they will say that most times they are tired and very peaceful after a session. Its like they feel more balanced and relaxed with less tension in the body.  These are just some the physical experiences from a healing session.  Most people have realizations or memory flashbacks around certain areas in their body that they are releasing traumas or stuck energy that has been causing physical issues in the body.  The potential for change is infinite and every person has had some tangible experience from a healing session.  

I hold individual private healing sessions in my home for clients. My life's purpose is to create opportunities for anyone who wishes to walk through the door to health and wellness.

If you are interested in having a private healing session please  

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