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energy medicine

This video was created in my second year of practicing energy healing.  I was very fortunate to have opportunities like this video to showcase my work. Since then my healing abilities have evolved and for every session the information and direction is solely based on the Divine energy of the person.


I believe in the body's natural ability to heal itself when we understand what is creating the dis-ease within.  I also know that providing tools to enhance the body, mind and soul connection, creates a positive environment to stay the course when the journey gets challenging.  

Interested in a private and confidential healing session with Angela?

My perspective is that healing energy is a frequency and when we surround ourselves in this vibration daily we begin see the world in a new perspective which can ultimately change our health for the better. When we feel free and light with a new awareness, love is able to reside within the whole self shifting illness as we know it. For more information on Energy Medicine "click" Holistic Healing.                             


I began  my fitness and health career at the age of nine in synchronized swimming.  As an athlete, I learnt how to tune into my body and recognize when things weren’t quite right.


Upon returning to work after the birth of my second son, I quickly spiraled myself from burn out into “depression”. Believing I was suffering from an inability to manage stress, I began seeing an energy worker who helped me see illness in a new light. I finally understood that depression was really me “depressing my emotions”.  This precipitated the biggest shift of my life. I left my ten-year career as a professional engineer in 2008 and started my own business as a Natural Health Practitioner with a focus on BodyTalk and other healing modalities to create change in the whole self.


My 10 years as a natural healer working on many different issues and situations with clients has been extremely fulfilling. The passion I have for energy medicine has inspired me to diversify and expand my knowledge base into other areas including Kundalini yoga healing foods and supplements, environmental issues, emotional releases habits and behaviours.   

I began teaching Kundalini Yoga while in Level 1 Teacher Training in 2013.  Five years later and upon the completion of my Level 2 (500 HR) certification, I am still as much in love with the practice of Kundalini as ever before. 

Prem Yoga Studio was created in November 2014 after I left a local studio to develop an environment that allowed me to grow in a way that had the flexibility to honour the practice, students  and myself. 


Prem Yoga Studio is currently a home based yoga studio. It is located in south Oshawa and can hold a maximum of 12 people.  

Moving into my fourth year of practice at Prem, I have seen beautiful transformations in the students that have dedicated themselves to this practice. 

You have to experience it to understand what the hype is all about.

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