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Classic Kundalini YOga

To Heal Uplift & Inspire!  For All Fitness Levels

Each Kundalini Yoga class includes warmups, breathing techniques (Pranayam), and exercise set (Kriya), deep relaxation (Savassana), chanting, and meditation. Experience yourself deeply and notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness. 

Kundalini Yoga for Infinite Power

8 Week Pre-Registered Curriculum.  For All Fitness Levels

In every situation there is an opportunity for you to take the high road or low road. In terms of our mental capacity its the instinctual self wrapped in the mental play of the situation or the angelic role of the heart and the truth which lies within. In almost all triggers its a learned ability to step away from the mental and be at peace within the heart. It takes dedication and a strong connection to our inner power that allows us to navigate the world with a sense of calmness.


This curriculum teaches you just that. How to navigate the darkness inside. The impulse decsions that leave you filled with emotions. Expanding the breath and learning how to lean even deeper into the aspect of the heart and its truth is what this 8 week currciulum is all about. 


A strong connection to your infinte power allows people to react differently around you. When we are different the world shows up around us differently and in full colour. 


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