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class descriptions

Classic Kundalini YOga

To Heal Uplift & Inspire!  For All Fitness Levels

Each Kundalini Yoga class includes warmups, breathing techniques (Pranayam), and exercise set (Kriya), deep relaxation (Savassana), chanting, and meditation. Experience yourself deeply and notice a transformation towards physical strength, heightened awareness, mental clarity, and happiness. 

Radiant Body For Courage

8 Week Pre-Registered Curriculum.  For All Fitness Levels

"The 10th Energy body is the radiant body. If you just take the first body and magnify it, you basically have the Radiant body. The radiant Body specifically is a little band that sits on top of your aura. It enables you to act courageously, which means acting even though you are afraid. This body is in charge of courage. It also allows you to exceed your own expectations, and the expectations that you are operating under that may not be yours. In other words, you have a lot of conformities and societal expectations and things your parents have given you, your class, your race, your social structure. The Tenth Body allows you to exceed all those expectations.


A strong Tenth Body makes a person appear "radiant and royal". Among the most radiant people first time mothers show this kind of radiance. When the baby is born and its wonderful they can't believe it. It turns out far better than they imagined. They exceed their own expectations." Nirvair Singh Khalsa