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In honour of continuing Seva work. I am continuing the 1 free class if you have never been at Prem Studio before. Message me to let me know you are interested in experiencing a class. 

New Student Pricing

Never experienced a Kundalini Yoga Class before? Kundalini Yoga's sacred teachings truly support you in your transformation.  You have to immerse yourself to experience it. New Students have the following options: 

  • Drop in Rate per class $15.00 Cash

  • 1 Month 30 days consecutive $60.00

Class Pricing and Memberships

Regular Pricing and Passes

1 Class:        $15

5 Class:        $75

10 Class:    $130

20 Class:    $240


1 Month Unlimited with No Strings                      $100

3 Month Unlimited Membership                            $85 per month or $255

Have a friend or partner to do yoga with?            $70 per month per person

Student (With ID)                                                    $55 per month


Need Assistance to make classes? Lets chat.

Private Classes

A great way to learn the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga and approach your practice specifically designed for your needs is through one on one classes. 

30 minutes         $50

1 Hour                 $80

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